We have been selling laminating roll films and roll laminating machines for many years. Thanks to the co-operation with demanding clients we are aware how crucial it is to be a good business partner. We continuously increase the quality of our services, we are open to suggestions and we come fnorward to the requirements of our partners. We have been operating for many years on the Polish market, as well as i Central and Eastern Europe. Our activities have been recognized and awarded on many occasions: Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair for GMP's laminating machines.


About us

Hanami is the division of ARGO S.A., which offers: polypropylene and polyester laminating films, professional laminating machines, technical and technological support.


Hanami is a top quality polypropylene laminating film, appropriate for works which require the best printing enrichments. By laminating with Hanami films one may obtain a gloss or matt finishing, which brings out the details and colours and secures the work from mechanical, chemical and humidity factors.